Classic bathroom with white tiles, golden furnishing and dark grey closet

15 Stunning Bathroom Remodels for DIY Fans

Bathroom remodel ideas for anyone on a budget. Create beautiful bathrooms with cheap do-it-yourself alternatives and liven up your entire home.
15 Stunning Bathroom Remodels for DIY Fans

The bathroom is a very special kind of place in every home. It is one of the most intimate spots that you enter and the inside of someone’s bathroom tells you so much about a person. Is it tiny, is it clean, is colorful and playful or aesthetically light and fresh? These are all things that make all the difference for each and every person. Some people spend many hours in their bathroom and others only enter it occasionally, but that’s not in the slightest an indication of how important it is to them that their bathroom looks tasteful.

Irrespective of whether your bathroom was once in style or not (and let’s face it, they all were stylish at some point in history), everything that comes into style also goes out of style as well. And that’s also why every bathroom needs to get a makeover every now and then. And proper bathroom remodel with shocking before-and-after images, just to make it clear to everyone how insane the impact is. It’s absolutely incredible what you can do with a place by simply remodeling it with a tasteful and modern way.

What most people seem to struck with though, is not only the implementation of your respective project, but particularly also the ideas. You see, as much as people are capable of looking at something and expressing whether they like it or not, most people simply don’t have any imagination. They can look at a room an imagine what it might look like if you take different elements and put them together. May it’s a lack of experience or lack of creativity, but there’s a reason why home decor inspiration is such a huge thing on the internet.

So here’s a little something I put together to help you kickstart your next bathroom remodel. A list of 15 stunning bathroom remodels that you can do yourself and that won’t break the bank. Get inspired, take notes, pin it on your Pinterest board and get to work. Let’s make the bathroom great again! 🙂

Bathroom Remodel Classic Marble & Gold

What I love about this bathroom remodel is how it managed to bring classic, old school elements together in a way that still makes them look fresh. Granted, it’s not necessarily for everyone, but the mere fact that there’s so much white makes the room look so fresh. Check out the full guide and instructions here.

Images & idea courtesy of A Touch of Pink

Bathroom Remodel in Pure White, Gold & Glass

I love lots of light and I also love white. Some people say it makes rooms look sterile. I say it makes rooms look incredibly elegant, particularly bathrooms. I’m sure it’s not necessarily easy to keep this bathroom looking clean all the time, but the combination of white colors, glass and touches of gold are just lovely. If you’re keen on adding your own touch of white, head on over the full guide and instructions here.

Images & idea courtesy of bishop&holland

Modern Italian Style Bathroom Remodel

Needless to say that you can do this in just any sort of house or apartment. If your going to go down this type of route for a bathroom remodel, then you better make sure it fits into the overall style of your home. But when done correctly, it’s just lovely. It transports you straight into the heart of a Tuscan villa with stunning tiles and other details. Build your own using the guide and instructions here.

Images & idea courtesy of Fresh Mommy Blog

Old-School Roman Rosé Bathroom Remodel

Ok, I’m going to be honest here. You really need to dig the princess and doll look if you’re going to try this out. I’ll admit it’s not necessarily for me but I can appreciate it for what it is and how it was done. This sort of bathroom remodel is definitely not for the faint at heart simply because you really need to strike a balance wit the color and decoration. It can quickly look totally over the top. So my advice, if this is your thing…make sure you know what you’re doing or use a proper guide and instructions like here.

Images & idea courtesy of Cuckoo 4 Design

Modern Italian Style IKEA Bathroom Remodel

What’s great about remodels that are based on stuff you can get at IKEA is that you always have a rough idea of what it’s going to cost you. It’s not going to break the bank and IKEA has tons of very aesthetic elements in their product line. A few touches here and here, new tiles and shower head, and you pretty much done. Your new bathroom is at your disposal. Try it out yourself with the help of this guide and instructions here.

Images & idea courtesy of IKEA Hackers

Sunlit Natural Bathroom Remodel

This bathroom remodel is probably one of my personal favorites. I love how they tried to combine lots of light with glass, natural materials and even integrate plants into the room. Absolutely stunning work and it shows that this was done by people who clearly have an eye for aesthetics and pairing of elements. This is no easy feat, but they nailed it. Check our the detailed guide and instruction that you’ll find here.

Images & idea courtesy of dominol

Warm & White Natural Material Bathroom Remodel

When in doubt, take white color and add some wood and black touches. That’s exactly what was done here. It’s very simple formula but it almost always works for bathrooms and can transform a boring old space into a fresh and clean personal haven. And of course it also comes with its very own little touch of “hipster”-look. Follow this guide and instructions right here.

Images & idea courtesy of House Seven

Simple Classic Blue & White Bathroom Remodel

This is one of the simply bathroom remodels in this list but that’s exactly why it’s so great. Easy to do, not expensive and you barely need to do any real carpentry work in your home. In other words it’s perfect for most people and it looks just as elegant. Make your own by following the guide and instructions here.

Images & idea courtesy of At Home in Love

White & Blue Santorini Style Bathroom Remodel

I’m not a big fan of blue in the bathroom, but given the right environment, it can look great nonetheless. In this specific case I can really feel the Greek and Mediterranean vibes of Santorini or even the mountains of Morocco. The indigo blue really stands out on the tiles and conveys a feeling of cleanness and most other colors can’t. Check out the guide and instructions here.

Images & idea courtesy of Pencil Shavings Studio

Mediterranean Black & White Ornamental Bathroom Remodel

This is another one of my favorites because it combines the beautiful Italian tiles with touches of brown and black in a sea of white and glass. I can’t really say why I’m so attracted to this style but I just absolutely love it. Like I said earlier, it doesn’t work with every home but when done right, it’s gorgeous and really makes you feel comfortable. Remodel your own with this guide and instructions right here.

Images & idea courtesy of Seeking Alexi

Bathroom Remodel for Lovers of the Clean & Simple Black & White

Another one of the simply bathroom remodels but a really great comparison of before and after images which just goes to show you can you can turn even the ugliest and most run down places into beautiful bathroom sanctuaries. Lots of white with touches of black and grey and you’ve got a classic in the making. Come one, just give it a try with this guide and instructions right here.

Images & idea courtesy of The Grit & Polish

Country House Earth Tones Bathroom Remodel

This one is very much a similar vein as the previous remodel on the list. The images aren’t as sharp and the lighting a bit off, but it’s a nice combination between the Italian style and some shabby chic elements. I’m not a big fan of the mirror frames as they’re too baroque for me. But hey, whatever floats your boat. Head on over to the guide and instructions here.

Images & idea courtesy of Tracey’s Fancy

Modern & Classic Fusion Style Bathroom Remodel

I love, I love, I love! The tiles on the floor and the walls, the glass, the wooden elements and touches of gold. Even the tiny details of decoration spread all over the rooms. Simply beautiful. This remodel bridge the divide between old fashioned and modern and it does it in such a stunning way. Head on over the guide and instructions right here.

Images & idea courtesy of Your Coffee Break

Bathroom Remodel with Natural Materials

Another remodel straight from the category of “easy to do”. Not because it’s cheap but because this is something you can do in pretty much any home. Put in some new tiles (ok, that part is not that easy to do), give the room a new paint job and extra decoration and you’re ready to go. Get going yourself with the guide and instructions we’ve found for you here.

Images & idea courtesy of Kitchen Treaty

Bathroom Remodel in Old-English Style with a Touch of the Mediterranean

And once again, finishing off with a gorgeous combination of tasteful tiles on the floor, clean tiles on the walls and elegant touches of painted wood and gold furnishings. This combination will turn any home into a hotel bathroom that feels like a 5-star luxury country lodge. Just look at that picture, as if it came straight from the catalog. Check it out in detail over here.

Images & idea courtesy of Unexpected Elegance

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